Linear EN-2M4 Commercial Telephone Entry System 720-100136


INSTALLATION MANUAL - Linear / Nortek EN-2M4 Telephone Entry System

SYSTEM LITERATURE - Linear / Nortek EN-2M4 Telephone Entry System

The EN Series Telephone Entry & Access Control System is designed for use as a primary access control device for gated communities, parking garages, office buildings, apartments, dormitories, hotels/motels, commercial buildings, and recreational facilities.

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    The EN-2M4 is part of Linear / Nortek line of telephone entry, access control security systems. Choose from residential or commercial grade telephone entry systems with one to 36 door coverage.

    Housed in a locked enclosure, EN Series units feature a back-lit keypad with bright, easy-to-read graphics, a color LCD directory display with programmable welcome message, a built-in microphone and speaker, and an ADA compliant TTY jack for use by the hearing impaired. The system also has provisions to internally mount a card reader, and for mounting a U.S.P.S. supplied postal lock. The cabinet security is monitored with a mechanical “tamper” switch. The four relay outputs can be programmed to control electric door strikes, magnetic locks, door & gate operators, or barrier gates. The system utilizes hands-free, telephone communications between visitors and residents for granting access. Complete access control event logging, access time restriction, access location restriction, and administration functions are also available to manage the installation. The EN Series is network ready. Multiple units can be connected to a controlling LAN hub via an Ethernet cable. Each EN Series unit can be used in mixed networks with other compatible access control products, including the EN-2A4 / EN-2M4 (4.3” screen and key pad), EN-2A7 / EN-2M7 (7” touch screen and key pad), and the EN-2A10 / EN-2M10 (10” touch screen), and the EXN. Four Wiegand reader inputs 2 doors In/out are available for connection of up to 64-bit format Wiegand devices (card readers, etc.). Each reader input supports connecting an “in” and an “out” reader. One input can be configured for PBUS operation for connection to legacy Linear brand
    remote access PBUS accessories.

    Sensor and Optional Camera: Motion sensor, ambient light sensor and optional HD IP camera
    Backlit Color Display: Easy to read programmable display with adjustable font size.
    RFID Inside: Option to mount a reader internally for aesthetically pleasing end result.
    Easy Navigation: Stainless steel key with recessed illuminated blue keys. Polycarbonate home key with white illuminated backlighting.
    Audio and Sound: Digital signal processing for noise reduction and voice clarity.
    Locking Mechanisms: Postal lock and 3-point locking mechanism for added security.
    Front Housing Materials: Metal with stainless steel faceplate.

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