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Nurse Call Systems Available in Phoenix, AZ

Nurse call systems are an important part of any medical facility. Our professional dealers and installers in Phoenix, AZ work with several manufacturers to provide you with the best in nurse call. Our selection includes wireless and wired nurse call systems, computer-based nurse call, audio only systems, and visual only systems.

A wireless nurse call system can help increase your patient care. Patients in need press a call button in their room. That call button sends out an alert, letting their care provider know they need help. Depending on the nurse call system, patient alerts are received in a variety of different ways. Some options include corridor lights, phones and cellphones, pagers, pendants, and more.

Cornell nurse call systemCornell Nurse Call System

One of our nurse call system providers, Cornell Communications, is well-known in the nurse call field. We offer the Cornell 4000 Nurse Call System which uses LED lights and tones. We also offer the Cornell 7000 Audio Nurse Call System. In addition, Cornell manufacturers AURA 2.0, a call reporting software to help keep track of calls and increase efficiency. All of their products are easy-to-use and will stand the test of time. Our Cornell Communications products come with a 10-year warranty.

Wireless Nurse Call System

We also offer a wireless nurse call system. Our system is UL 1069 listed for  “Hospital Signaling and Nurse Call Equipment.” With over 20 years in the business, this wireless nurse call system is one that you can rely on. It’s sold in every state in the US and is even used overseas. We offer a PC-based wireless nurse call system that can pair with countless devices, a mid-range MV400 wireless nurse call system that can pair with 250 transmitters, and a basic MV200 system with push buttons and wireless consoles. All of these products can be paired with our wander management system, and the MV200 and MV400 can be upgraded to our PC-based system as your facility grows and requires more devices and functionality.

TekTone Nurse Call System

TekTone nurse call Our final systems are the TekTone nurse call systems. Each of our TekTone nurse call systems can benefit medical facilities of any size. These nurse call systems are simple and efficient. They use patient stations, staff stations and call cords to keep staff and patients in easy communication with each other. TekTone offers the NC110, a visual-only nurse call system as well as two kinds of audio-visual systems, the NC150-200 and the NC300. Each TekTone nurse call system can also include optional pagers with the NC365B pocket paging system.

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