TekTone NC365B Pocket Paging Transmitter


The TekTone NC365B Paging Transmitter is compatible with TekTone’s nurse call systems. Setup with existing TekTone systems as simple as the TekTone NC365B is pre-programmed for this purpose. Simply plug in the NC365B Paging Transmitter and start using it. The NC365B Paging Transmitter sends messages with patient information to TekTone NC397A Pagers. Patient name, location, and importance of call are the main pieces of information sent to the NC397A Pagers from the NC365B Paging Transmitter. The NC365B is a useful product to add to any TekTone nurse call system. Its ease of use and compatibility make it a great tool for any hospital, assisted living home, or medical facility.

TekTone NC365B Paging Transmitter and NC397A Pagers

The TekTone NC365B Paging Transmitter has numerous beneficial features and specifications. The Tek-CARE NC300II, Tek-CARE 500, and Tek-ALERT systems are a few of the products supported by the NC365B Paging Transmitter. If the NC365B is used with the NC377 Voltage Interface, it will also support the Tek-CARE NC110, NC150, and NC200. The TekTone NC365B Paging Transmitter, along with the NC397A Pagers, communicates patient information using alpha-numeric messages through the nurse call system within a facility. The NC365B has a transmission signal of two watts, and it has a quarter wave BNC-terminated antenna for transmitting a range as far as one mile. The NC365B Paging Transmitter is not only compatible with the NC397A, but it can also be used with the previously manufactured NC399P Pagers. This versatile transmitter system, with all of its capabilities and features, will add efficiency to any medical facility.

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