WNC-AIO All-In-One Touch Screen Console

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    All-In-One Computer Console
    The WNC-AIO is an all-in-one touchscreen computer console for use at a nursing station or anywhere else annunciation is desired. It is connected to the server via the LAN using wifi or CAT5/6. It is programmed via the required WNC2600 series server to annunciate all calls for assistance or just calls from a specific area or building. The touchscreen can be used to obtain resident or staff location, to add notes pertaining to an all or event, to schedule reminders and a variety of other tasks. The console features low power relative to a full-sized PC with edge-to-edge monitor design which provides more screen in less space. It has the ability to adjust the display all the way flat and has an optional close wall-mount bracket available. Single pivot, 3-axis articulation, smooth adjustable screen angle with 360-degree rotation, 60-degree swivel and 15-degree tilt.

    Touch screen monitor and keyboard
    Edge to edge monitor design
    Annunciates stations and devices as programmed
    Optional wall mount bracket

    Monitor: LCD Touchscreen Monitor
    Screen Size: 21.5"
    Screen Mode: Full HD
    Screen Surface: Anti-glare
    Height: 15.2"
    Width: 20.2"
    Depth: 1.8"
    Height with Stand: 15.23"
    Width with Stand: 20.24"
    Depth with Stand: 1.84"
    Weight with Stand (Approximate): 13.78 lb
    System Components
    Model No. Description
    WNC2600-B7 Vision Link II Server
    WNC2600-R7 Vision Link II Server
    WNC2600-R9 Vision Link II Server