WCSR04 Wireless Data Receiver


The WCSR04 Wireless Digital Display is designed with easy time and message viewing to accommodate a wide variety of wireless paging and messaging applications.

This includes the 3100 Wireless Interface

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  • WCSR04 Digital Display Board

    The WCSR04 Wireless Data Receiver is designed to monitor activity of wireless emergency call buttons, wall stations and panic buttons, providing real time information to local paging base station for data archiving or additional event processing and activation.

    • Monitors Wireless Push Buttons and Wall Transmitters
    • Provide real time activity information paging base station
    • Built-In 10A Dry Contact Switch Relay
    • Activation Duration Control

    The WCSR04 is a wireless data receiver that provides real time monitoring of call activities from emergency call buttons, panic buttons and wall stations. This call activity data can be used by a paging base station to generate automated text, audio or visual alerts to pagers, alphanumeric displays, wireless speakers, strobe lights, e-mail and telephone subscribers. In addition, the attached base station can use the received from the wireless data receiver for call events archiving and paging activity storage. WCSR04 wireless data receiver can be programmed to monitor paging and call activities in the UHF, VHF and 900MHz to provide full RF spectrum coverage and wireless data monitoring capabilities.

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