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Multitenant Video Intercom


At BEC Integrated Solutions we offer multi-tenant video intercom systems, also known as apartment video intercom systems, which are affordable security options for apartment buildings, condominiums, or any other type of multi-tenant building. These systems use CAT5 cables and are ideal for either small apartments with few tenants or large buildings with high traffic. The multi-tenant video intercom system can be installed and used for access control of gates or doors of any type of building. The video feature of our apartment video intercom system allows not only voice call options, but also video monitoring from a remote location. This feature adds to the video and access control security solutions of any facility.

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Our multifamily video intercom systems service apartment buildings ranging from two tenant units to 300 tenants per building. No matter what size system is needed, simply answer a few simple questions using our free online quote tools and build your own system. Get started now! Select one of our many video intercom systems pictured below to get started building a system tailored to your project needs.

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IP Video Intercom System BE Series CAT5 Building Intercom MT Series 2 Wire Video Intercom

IP Network Video Intercom

  • Online Quote
  • Multifamily or Commercial Application
  • CAT5, CAT5e or CAT6 Cable Ready
  • Smartphone integration / remote control
  • Key Fob or Key Code Keyless Entry
  • Up to 9985 monitors

BE Series CAT5 Video Intercom

  • Online Quote
  • Multifamily or Commercial Application
  • CAT5, CAT6, UTP5E, Fibre Optic
  • Color CCD camera, night vision
  • ID card & Key Tag for door release
  • 300 Monitors, 16 Entrances & 9999 Users

MT Series 2 Wire Video Intercom

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  • Multifamily or Commercial Application
  • Requires 2 wires (minimum 18awg)
  • Single button call door stations
  • Optional: ID card & Key Tag for door release
  • Up to 3 monitors per button

Multi Tenant Unit Apartment Building IP Video Intercom System

Our NT Series IP-based video intercom system is an all-encompassing solution for any property, residential or commercial. With features that dip into the realms of video surveillance, access control, call forwarding, and even home automation, this is a complete and expandable system with a price point to accommodate any budget.

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Multifamily BE Series Video Intercom Building Entry System

The BEC Building Video Intercom System has numerous features to consider when choosing which product is best for your security needs. Up to 300 video monitors can be installed using one of our multi-tenant video intercom systems. We offer color video monitors with screen sizes from 4.6 inches to 10 inches. Our multi-tenant video intercom cameras have infrared night vision capabilities for 24 hour security. Each door unit contains a card reader for quick entry using an access card or a key fob. Entry can also be granted using an access code on the keypad. The door entry units also have 24 VDC electric strike locks wired to the entry unit without the need for an extra power source. Our multi-tenant video intercom system door entry units have many capabilities that will eliminate your security concerns.


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Multi-Tenant Call Button Video Intercom 2 Wire System

The MT Series Video Entry Intercom System requires a total of two wires to each video monitor. This even includes power to the monitor. The video intercom and power is supplied to the video monitors with only two conductors. Wire size should be a minimum of 18 AWG. With these wiring requirements this system may be suitable as a replacement system for some older multi tenant buildings and apartments.

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