M&S Intercom System Repairs

M&S Systems Intercom System Repairs

  • Replacement Parts For OLDER Nutone Intercoms & M&S Intercoms "Are No Longer Available"
  •  We Provide Repairs on Old Master Units ONLY - Nutone and M&S Systems (These are shipped to us. We do not come out to the house)

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When it comes to your M&S Intercom System BEC does have "Experts" on staff that can answer ALL of your questions. We Repairs on OLD Master Units 

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We also repair most old M&S & Nutone Master Units (We ONLY repair master units)

M&S Systems Intercom: Find your old model number

Use the following images to find the model number of your old M&S Systems intercom system. Once you've found your model number and wire count, you can get started requesting a quote for an upgrade or repair service! If your old intercom system is pictured (or listed on the chart) below, then you can be assured that any of our three replacement brand options will work with your existing wires! Please remember that we only repair master stations.

Old M&S Systems Intercom System Models

M&S MC350A 4-wire system Upgrade
M&S MC350A
4-wire system

M&S MC302 4-wire system Replacement
M&S MC302
4-wire system

M&S MC602 4-wire system Repair
M&S MC602
4-wire system

M&S MC702 6-wire system Upgrade
M&S MC702
6-wire system

M&S MC350 4-wire system Fix
M&S MC350
4-wire system

M&S MC300 4-wire system Replacement
M&S MC300
4-wire system

M&S 200/203/208 4-wire system Repair Service
M&S 200/203/208
4-wire system

M&S 440/443/448 6-wire system Update
M&S 440/443/448
6-wire system

M&S MC902 7-wire system Update
M&S MC902
7-wire system

M&S Systems Intercoms for Repair or Replace:

Replace M&S MC350AM&S Systems 5 3-Wire System
M&S Systems 6 4-Wire System
M&S Systems 10 Series 4-Wire System
M&S Systems 20 Series 4-Wire System
M&S Systems 30 Series 4-Wire System
M&S Systems 40 Series 6-Wire System
M&S Systems 44 Series 6-Wire System
M&S Systems 52 3-Wire System
M&S MC702 Replacement IntercomM&S Systems 70 7-Wire System
M&S Systems 78 7-Wire System
M&S Systems 80 7-Wire System
M&S Systems 88 Series 7-Wire System
M&S Systems 100 4-Wire System
M&S Systems 150 4-Wire System
M&S Systems MC170 4-Wire System
M&S Systems 200 4-Wire System
MC300 Replace IntercomM&S Systems 220 4-Wire System
M&S Systems 250 4-Wire System
M&S Systems 300 - MC300 4-Wire System
M&S Systems MC302 4-Wire System
M&S Systems 330 4-Wire System
M&S Systems 333 4-Wire System
M&S Systems 338 4-Wire System
Replace M&S 200 203 208 M&S Systems 350 - MC350 4-Wire System
M&S Systems MC350A 4-Wire System
M&S Systems 440 Series 6-Wire System
M&S Systems MC500 7-Wire System
M&S Systems MC602 4-Wire System
M&S Systems MC702 6-Wire System
M&S Systems MC800 7-Wire System
M&S Systems MC902 7-Wire System

This chart shows old M&S master unit repair options & Options for Upgrades


home intercom replacementThe IntraSonic RETRO-M Intercom System is a popular choice as it can often replace almost any M&S System or Nutone Intercom System. With the IntraSonic RETRO-M, the master unit housing from your old system can be reused as long as it is 10 inches tall or less. This system is popular among music lovers as it includes a USB charging port for music devices.