TekTone SF117/4C Emergency Pull Cord Call Station

Tektone SF117/4C is part of the CM800 Emergency Call System. Please contact us for DISCOUNTED Project Bids, Free Design and System Support!
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  • The TekTone SF117/4C Emergency Call Switch is a major component of our CM800 Emergency Call System. With a switch and pull cord available, the SF117/4C allows patients to signal staff during an emergency situation. Hospitals, nursing homes, clinics or any other healthcare facility using the TekTone CM800 Emergency Call System would benefit from installing the TekTone SF117/4C in every patient or exam room. The switch is easily accessible to patients in order to avoid potentially dangerous situations. Not only will the SF117/4C communicate with the CM800 Emergency Call System, but it can also be connected with dome lights, call bells, buzzers and transformers in order to be a standalone system. Depending on a facility's emergency needs, the TekTone SF117/4C is rather versatile and flexible. It is a dependable, sturdy communication system made with an ABS plastic faceplate and housed in double-gang box and/or single-gang ring. The SF117/4C gives normally four open contacts, whereas the SF117/2C gives only two. Contact BED Integrated Solutions with questions regarding the TekTone SF117/4C Emergency Call Switch.

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