Rauland Responder 4000 R4K23VA Enhanced Dual Audio Call St - Pre-Owned


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This listing is for our Pre-Owned Part

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  • The Rauland Responder 4000 R4K Enhanced Dual Audio Call St - Pre-Owned

    The R4K23VA is a single bed station that allows patients to place call-ins to the assigned console(s). The bed stations can interface with call cords or entertainment speakers to initiate calls, control lighting, provide entertainment control and allow intercom to the console over the station speaker. When used with a CLAR4-Four Station Audio Relay Kit and the NCES/NCDS Series Pillow Speakers audio capabilities are transferred to the Pillow Speaker. When used with the R4KFB1 – Feature Bed Interface, the audio capabilities are transferred to the bed rail with entertainment muting and the Pillow Speaker if used. The addition of the R4KDLC2 allows for full lighting control options through buttons on a pillow speaker.

    The bedside station is connected to its associated corridor light or domeless room controller and is continually supervised for station presence. Through programming, a “Trouble” message can annunciate at the associated console(s) when the station is removed from the system.


    • Over four (4) call-in priorities are available
    • (2) DIN receptacles for patient entertainment controls and pillow speaker intercom with entertainment muting
    • Interfaces with specialty beds via separate receptacle
    • Monitor LED and two call-assurance LED’s with cancel button
    • No dummy plugs required
    • Continuous supervision for station presence
    • Plug-in connectors for easy service
    • Unique mounting plate design accommodates a variety of single and dual gang backboxes
    • Single point output per bed for lighting controller or radio stepper attachment
    • Interface for full lighting control options per bed with additional control module and pillow speakers


    Power Required: 15.5V DC @ 30mA

    Weight: 0.35 lb. (0.16 kg)

    Size: W: 4.21" (10.69 cm) H: 5.46" (13.87 cm) D: 1.17" (2.97 cm)

    Housing & Finish: High-impact molded ABS94VO; light gray faceplate

    Controls: Two (2) DIN receptacles, One (1) Cancel button, One(1) Monitor LED indicator, and Two (2) Call-assurance indicators 

    Terminations: Plug-on connectors

    Backbox Options: Raco 561; Steel City 58371 3/4R or any other single gang backbox. Mounting plate allows for mounting to North American, South American, and European style single and dual gang backboxes

    NOTE: If using lighting control, additional backbox space is required

    Certification: UL/C-UL 1069