Rauland Responder 4000 R4KDY Duty Station - Pre-Owned


This item is a for sale is a Rauland Responder 4000 R4K Duty Station

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  • The Rauland Responder 4000 R4K Duty Station -  Pre-Owned

    The R4KDY is a duty station typically located in a utility room or an area where staff members may be working and need notification of active calls within their area. In an audio-visual system, the station also provides a call-in pushbutton, which allows for two-way audio communication. When connected to the CLA214D the four (4) LED indicators provide visual indications of calls. For an audible indication of calls, the CLA214D must be used with the duty station to generate the necessary station audible tones. The tone level can be programmed to the facility’s preference with the option of temporarily muting active calls. If the facility’s needs change, a service technician can simply adjust the tone level at the duty station.

    The R4KDY is connected to its associated corridor light and is continually supervised for station presence. Through programming, a “Trouble” message can annunciate at the associated console(s) when the station is removed from the system.


    • Four (4) call priority LED Indicators with associated call tones when used with CLA214D — Duty Corridor Light
    • Pushbutton for two-way communication in an audio-visual system
    • Adjustable tone level control with tone mute of calls
    • Monitor LED with Cancel button
    • Continuous supervision for station presence
    • Plug-in connectors for easy service
    • Unique mounting plate design accommodates a variety of single and dual gang backboxes


    Power Required: 15.5V DC @ 12mA

    Weight: 0.35 lb. (0.16 kg)

    Size: W: 4.21" (10.69 cm) H: 5.46" (13.87 cm) D: 1.17" (2.97 cm)

    Housing & Finish: High-impact molded ASBS94VO; light gray faceplate

    Controls: Four (4) LED call priority indicators One (1) Cancel button One (1) Monitor LED indicator

    Terminations: Plug-on connectors

    Backbox Options: Raco 561, Steel City 58371 3/4R, or any other single gang backbox. Mounting plate allows for North American, South American, and European style single and dual gang backboxes.