Rath Communications System Power Supply 24vdc


The Rath Communication Area of Refuge Power Supply 24vdc is part of Rath's Area of Rescue System; a durable, cost effective security solution.

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  • Rath Communications 2500-PWR24U Power Supply

    In an emergency situation, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. That?s why we provide the best area of refuge systems. The Rath Communications systems provide a location for individuals to gather and await instructions from first responders or other emergency personnel. These systems have been utilized in parking garages, stairwells as well as a variety of other residential and commercial settings.

    Communication Area of Refuge Power Supply 24vdc Features & Specs

    • Dimensions: 8.78" H x 12.29" W x 2.81" D
    • Input:
      100-120vac, 50/60Hz, 4.0A
    • Output:
      24vdc @5A total continuous output

      Filtered and electronically regulated output

      12 PTC protected outputs @0.500A current limited

      Class 2

      24vdc adjustable output

      24vdc S1 on/off switch

      Input and output status LED indicators
    • Protection:
      Short Circuit/Overload/Over Voltage
    • Supervision:
      DC power failure supervision (form C contacts)
    • Environmental:
      For indoor use ONLY

      Operating temperature 32° F to 120° F (0° C to 49° C) ambient

    Area of Refuge 5 & 10 Call Box

    Our Rath Communications 1 - 10 Call Box Area of Refuge System supports 5 and 10 zone Power Supplys to provide coverage for your facility. These systems consist of remote call boxes, a command center, UPS power supply, signage, cabling and even supervision products. The Power Supply and call boxes are available in surface or flush mount and provide two-way person to person voice communication capabilities. All of our Rath area of refuge systems are compliant with governmental regulations and code requirements and provide a reliable connection for people in case of an emergency.

    Area of Refuge 1 - 92 Call Box

    For larger properties, the Rath Communications 1 - 92 Call Box Area of Refuge System provides coverage for 1 to 92 zones which are controlled by the command center. This system features a lockable Power Supply cabinet and two-way communication utilizing one dedicated phone line. With one pair of wires between the call box and distribution module, installation of the Rath area of refuge system is easy and cost-effective.

    Each Rath Communications Area of Refuge System provides audible and visual signaling to help in an emergency situation. These alarms allow security personnel or first responders to respond as quickly as possible. Whether it is a fire, medical or safety emergency Rath Area of Refuge systems are an essential component to providing emergency communication.

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