Rath Communications RP66010001 CIC, 2hr Fire Rated 500' 18/2 Comm Cable


The Rath Communications RP66010001 CIC, 2hr Fire Rated 500' 18/2 Comm Cable is part of Rath's Area of Rescue System; a durable, cost effective security solution.

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  • Rath Communications RP66010001 CIC, 2hr Fire Rated 500' 18/2 Comm Cable


    18 AWG-2 Conductor Shielded 2 Hour Fire-Rated UL Listed FPL-LS, CM, CL3, PLTC, c(UL) CM, & CSA FAS 90, cable ANSI/UL 2196 Certified for use in System FHIT.40A, CAN/ULC-S139 with Hose Stream for use in System FHITC.40A, UL Fire Resistance Directory R27557

    Cable is designed to support Life and Fire Safety. This cable offers “survivability” for 2-hours in harsh environments while being fully operational to allow for safe evacuation of building occupants. It has achieved FPL-LS, CM, CL3 & PLTC rating and has been re-certified under the new UL 2196 guidelines for 2-hour fire resistive cables for use in system FHIT.40A and FHITC.40A. In addition, the cable is certified for use in Canada as a c(UL) CM listed cable and CEC Type FAS 90.


    • Conductors: 18 AWG Solid Copper specially engineered to minimize embrittlement due to fire exposure
    • Tape: Flame Retardant Tape
    • Insulation: Low Smoke, Zero Halogen Thermoset Fire-Roc™
    • Core Assembly: Color Coded Insulated Conductors of Red and Black
    • Jacket: Red, Low Smoke, Zero Halogen Polyolefin (Sequential Footage Marker Provided Every Two Feet)


    • NEC type FPL-LS, CM, CL3 & PLTC for use in Electrical Circuit Integrity System FHIT 40A
    • c(UL) listed CM
    • CEC type FAS 90 with Hose Stream Test
    • UL Certified to ANSI/UL 2196 2-Hour fire rating for use in FHIT system 40A. (See UL Fire Resistance Directory R27557)
    • CAN/ULC-S139 Certified with Hose Stream Test for use in FHITC system 40A
    • UL 1424 Listed FPL-LS for Power-Limited Fire Alarm Cables; 300V / 105°C
    • UL 13 Listed CL3 & PLTC for Power-Limited Circuit Cables; 300V / 105°C
    • UL 444 Listed CM for Communication Cable; 300V / 105°C
    • Fire certified for power-limited system use at 72V phase-to-phase utilization voltage
    • Sunlight resistant
    • For use in wet locations

    Circuit Integrity Free Air (CI):

    • For use as CI cable when installed per the NEC and local code. For vertical installation lengths beyond 30 feet, cables are to be supported using a Stainless Steel wire mesh
    • Authorities Having Jurisdiction should be consulted before installation

    Hardware Certified:

    • 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, 1-inch,1-1/4, 1-1/2-inch, and 2-inch EMT Conduit “E-Z Pull”– Allied Tube & Conduit Co. and Columbia-MBF
    • 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, 1-inch,1-1/4, 1-1/2-inch, and 2-inch Steel Compression Couplings – RACO or Thomas & Betts Corp.
    • Wiegmann NEMA 1 Enclosure/Pull Box
    • Amtec wire mesh support grips for vertical installation beyond 30 feet
    • Supports per the Comtran Cable’s installation instructions dated August, 2016

    Pulling Lubricant: - Polywater Type LZ:

      2 Hour Fire-Rated Cabling Supports Critical Systems Such As:

    • (EVAC) Emergency Voice-Alarm Communication Smoke and Fire Alarm Systems
    • Fireman’s telephone and Area of Refuge Communication Systems
    • Emergency lighting


    • Refer to UL Electrical Circuit Integrity System FHIT.40A and FHITC.40A for installation requirements
    • Refer to R27557 Fire Resistive Cable (UL)
    • Brand Type cables for use in System No. FHIT.40A and FHITC.40A should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions dated August, 2016
    • Authorities having jurisdiction should be consulted before installation

    Area of Refuge 5 & 10 Call Box

    Our Rath Communications 1 - 10 Call Box Area of Refuge System supports 5 and 10 zone base stations to provide coverage for your facility. These systems consist of remote call boxes, a command center, UPS power supply, signage, cabling and even supervision products. The base station and call boxes are available in surface or flush mount and provide two-way person to person voice communication capabilities. All of our Rath area of refuge systems are compliant with governmental regulations and code requirements and provide a reliable connection for people in case of an emergency.

    Area of Refuge 1 - 92 Call Box

    For larger properties, the Rath Communications 1 - 92 Call Box Area of Refuge System provides coverage for 1 to 92 zones which are controlled by the command center. This system features a lockable base station cabinet and two-way communication utilizing one dedicated phone line. With one pair of wires between the call box and distribution module, installation of the Rath area of refuge system is easy and cost-effective.

    Each Rath Communications Area of Refuge System provides audible and visual signaling to help in an emergency situation. These alarms allow security personnel or first responders to respond as quickly as possible. Whether it is a fire, medical or safety emergency Rath Area of Refuge systems are an essential component to providing emergency communication.

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