Linear ES1-D45G e3 OneBox 1-D 4-Channel DVR Access Control Platform 620-100333

The ES1-D45G is part of Linear's line of wireless access control products. We offer discounts on full system purchases. Contact a BEC system designer today for more information.
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  • Linear Solutions ES1-D45G e3 OneBox Access Control System

    The ES1-D45G e3 OneBox is a necessary all-inclusive security system that provides the benefit of granting access at the door or gateway for only the correct personnel, while also holding the capability of video recording the transactions. Specifically, the ES1-D45G e3 OneBox includes the following qualities: 1 access door, 4 DVR channels, 1 free camera, and 500 GB DVR hard drive. The ES1-D45G e3 OneBox is compatible with up to 2 readers, up to 1,000 access cardholders with a total of up to 8,000 cards, and can protect up to 128 readers and 64 doors should you decide to upgrade with a License-To-Go card. Also, the ES1-D45G e3 OneBox has the option of PoE power when used in conjunction with the E3-POE module.

    Using the e3 OneBox provides the benefits of both Access Managements and DVR capabilities all in one convenient product. The e3 OneBox has the option of protecting between 1 and 4 entry ways. The overseer can watch the live version of both the access management and cameras through the use of one login. The e3 OneBox is protected with a steel covering, includes battery reinforcement, and is easily upgradeable should you desire a more complex model.                                 

    The e3 OneBox supports 3G Phones and even has Free App use for Tablets, Android, iPhone, and Blackberry. Other qualities of the DVR portion of the e3 OneBox include enhanced H.264 Linux video recording; playback, network, recording, and multiplex-live; free support for DDNS; remote software that is Mac compatible; 120fps at D1 and 240fps at CIF for the 8 channels; and Advanced Client Software, which  permits many e3 OneBox products to connect. If you desire to protect your property, the ES1-D45G e3 OneBox is the most efficient product for you.

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