Linear ES-1MB eMerge Essential Plus 1-Door 1-Reader Access Control 620-100219

The ES-1MB is part of Linear's line of wireless access control products. We offer discounts on full system purchases. Contact a BEC system designer today for more information.
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  • Linear Solutions eMerge ES-1MB Wireless Access Control

    The eMerge Essential Plus™ embedded browser-based network appliance takes the latest in advanced security technology and makes it even more efficient, reliable and affordable for any of your business needs. This full-featured shared hardware and software provide easy upgrade and expansion across all eMerge E3-Series.

    The intuitive quick start wizard allows for easy setup, saving you time and productivity. The eMerge Essential Plus™ embedded browser-based network appliance provides a browser-based management system allowing you to update your system at any place, any time, using any browser on any operating system. 100% solid state construction ensures extended life on each system.

    Integrated tamper switch and inputs/outputs allow for additional functionality while the high-processor handles multiple simultaneous users and more than 30 transactions per second.

    The eMerge Essential Plus sets new standards of excellence in security systems by providing reliability, ease-of-use, expandability, best-in class value and lowest cost of ownership.

    ES-1MB Features and Included Items:

    • One (1) P-300HA proximity reader included
    • Pairs with up to 1,000 cardholders & 8,000 cards
    • Pairs with up to two (2) card readers
    • Can be upgraded to a four (4) door system with eight (8) readers (license keys not included)
    • Easy to install and set up
    • UL294 Listed 5-amp supervised power supply (backup battery not included)
    • Optional PoE power with E3-POE module
    • Encased in a locked metal enclosure with tamper switch

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