Linear ES-1CB eMerge Essential 1-Door 1-Reader Browser-Based Kit 620-100217

The ES-1CB is part of Linear's line of wireless access control products. We offer discounts on full system purchases. Contact a BEC system designer today for more information.
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  • Linear Solutions eMerge ES-1CB Wireless Access Control

    The eMerge Essential™ embedded browser-based network appliance supplies the right amount of access control for your business needs. This shared software and hardware architecture is compatible across all eMerge E3-Series which provides for easy upgrades and expansion.

    The eMerge Essential™ embedded browser-based network appliance allows for ultra-fast setup, saving you hours of productivity in comparison to standard systems.

    The system is built with browser-based management enabling the system status and updates to be completed in any place, with any browser, in any operating system. This fast processor handles numerous users simultaneously and more than 30 transactions per second.

    This reliable and efficient IT-system eliminates your concern for virus and spyware attacks as well as your standard operating system update dependency.

    The eMerge Essential™ embedded browser-based network appliance is perfect for a variety of business and industries including: banking, medical, retail, hospitality, and other businesses where users need to secure their facilities, supervise user access, generate and evaluate reports, and monitor the system remotely from any web browser.

    ES-1CB Features and Included Items:

    • One (1) P-300HA proximity reader included
    • Pairs with up to 1,000 cardholders & 8,000 cards
    • Pairs with up to two (2) card readers
    • Can be upgraded to a four (4) door system with eight (8) readers (license keys not included)
    • Easy to install and set up
    • UL294 Listed 5-amp supervised power supply (backup battery not included)
    • Optional PoE power with E3-POE module
    • Encased in a plastic enclosure with tamper switch

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