Linear ES-1C eMerge Essential 1-Door Access Control Platform 620-100151

The ES-1C is part of Linear's line of wireless access control products. We offer discounts on full system purchases. Contact a BEC system designer today for more information.
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  • Linear Solutions eMerge Essential ES-1MC Wireless Access Control

    The eMerge Essential™ embedded browser-based network appliance gives you the best-in-class value with a low cost of ownership. This browser-based management system allows you to update your system from any location, at any time, using any browser. Enjoy ultra-fast setup to save you time and productivity in comparison with traditional systems.

    The eMerge Essential™ embedded browser-based network appliance provides the right amount of access control for your business needs. The reliable, IT-friendly software architecture across all eMerge E3-Series provides easy upgrades and expansion. The high-speed processor handles multiple simultaneous users to go along with 30 transactions per second.

    The eMerge Essential™ embedded browser-based network appliance sets a new standard of excellence in reliability and functionality. The system is full-featured, self-contained and perfect for a variety of businesses including banking, medical, retail, hospitality and many more. With thousands of access control systems in use in the field, Linear continues to provide unprecedented value and innovation.

    eMerge Essential Browser Based Platform ES-1MC Features:

    • 1-door access control system
    • Pairs with up to 1,000 cardholders & 8,000 cards
    • Pairs with up to two (2) card readers
    • Can be upgraded to a four (4) door system with eight (8) license keys
    • Easy to install and set up
    • Encased in a plastic enclosure with tamper switch

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