Linear EL36-4MB eMerge Elite-36 4-Door 4-Reader Access Control Kit 620-100259

The EL36-4MB is part of Linear's line of wireless access control products. We offer discounts on full system purchases. Contact a BEC system designer today for more information.
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  • EL36-4MB: eMerge Elite-36 4-Door 4-Reader Access Control Platform Bundle

    The eMerge Elite-36 4-door system includes four P-300HA proximity readers and provides access for up to 20,000 cardholders with up to 80,000 cards and up to 8 readers to ensure a wide coverage for your system needs. This browser-based management via embedded Web server is upgradable up to 36 doors and 72 readers with license keys and expansion nodes. An easy setup wizard guides you through installation with optional PoE power with E3-POE module. The unit is housed in a locking metal cabinet with integrated tamper switch.

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