I600-AMP In Wall digital Stereo Music Amplifier

In Wall Audio System by IntraSonic Technologies I600 Contact Us for DISCOUNTED Pricing when considering multiple system packages. BEC offers a 2 YEAR Warranty and FREE Lifetime Tech Support.
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  • I600 AMP In-Wall Digital Stereo Music System

    Intrasonic Technology, a leader in intercom and music distribution systems, listened to consumer demand and now the new I600 In-Wall Digital Stereo Music System is an affordable reality that music lovers can purchase for their home or office. Provide incredible, stereo quality sound to all the rooms of your home or office from a myriad of music sources with an equalizer for each source. This high-tech, easy-to-use and affordable system is perfect for homes and businesses of all types. With state of the art touch screen controls, bluetooth connectivity, and several music source options, the Intrasonic I600 will change the ambience of your home or office with this music experience.

    The base system can support up to 4 pairs of speakers but with the purchase of this I600 amplifier, you can expand the I600 speaker capacity by providing 80 Watts of power and accommodating 4 pairs of speakers per amplifier, and there is no maximum number of amps per system. So it doesn't matter how many rooms you want to send music to, this system can literally send music anywhere you want from a single source! Imagine a system that can play music from just about any source, from an antiquated CD player, to an MP3 player, your Ipod or IPhone, a USB stick, AM/FM radio and more!

    This 80 watt amplifier can support up to 4 pairs of speakers. The Overall Dimensions are 6 ¾" Tall and 9 1/8" Wide. The I600 base system can handle as many amplifiers as it needs to so you can provide music to as many rooms/locations as you wish.

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