Desktop Wireless Paging Controller


The WCS4800 Wireless Wireless Paging Base Station is designed with easy time and message viewing to accommodate a wide variety of wireless messaging applications.

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  • WCS4800 Wireless Paging Base Station

    The Desktop Wireless Paging Controller is designed to control and activate visual, audible and alphanumeric wireless devices, such as strobe lights, public address speakers, sirens, intercom wall stations, voice pagers, alphanumeric pagers and alphanumeric LED displays. In addition, the WCS4800 can provide a wireless time reference signal required to synchronize wireless analog and digital clocks. The time reference transmitted by the WCS4800 can be retrieved from a PC computer clock or from a GPS satellite system using an optional GPS receiver.
    This is equipped with a full alphanumeric keyboard and graphic LCD display for simple operation and programming. It also has the ability to support 1,000 wireless devices for individual and group access.
    The WCS4800 offers up to four RS-232 serial ports allowing integration with third party building PA or fire alarm interfaces. In addition, the WCS4800 provides 24 dry contact closure alarm points and 20 programmable fast key messages via the keyboard keys.
    The wireless alerts can be initiated by the user from the keyboard, the optional telephone interface or the optional microphone. Automated alerts can be initiated by serial communication protocols, activation of a dry contact closure alarm point, the optional pre-programmed tone/bell event schedule or the wireless push button and sensor interface.

    For applications that require two-way communication, and intercom options  we can provide a two-way communication between the WCS4800 and an intercom wall station or emergency call box.
    The sunrise/sunset remote switch control can set facility lights to on or off according to day light hours in order to provide efficient energy saving.
    This utilizes optional radio transmitters with FCC approved frequencies and power ranging from 6 to 300 Watts, providing full RF coverage to any sized facility. It is fully expandable, allowing you to start with a basic system that fits immediate requirements while maintaining the ability to add future devices.

    Key Features

    • Wireless Public Address Messaging
    • Instant Audible and/or Silent Visual Alerts
    • Facility-Wide Wireless Time Synchronization
    • Automatic Day Light Savings Time Adjustment
    • Alphanumeric Messaging to Pagers and Wireless LED Displays
    • Monitors 24 Dry Contact Alarm Points for Automated Messaging
    • Wireless Scheduled Bell or Tone Activation*
    • Monitors Wireless Push Buttons and Sensors for Instant Personnel Notification*
    • Two-Way Wireless Intercom Communications*
    • Sunrise/Sunset Remote Switch Activation
    • Improves Response Time During Emergencies
    • Requires Minimal Training with Easy Installation

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