Cornell TAK-4202 Auto Dialer/Digital Announcer


The Cornell TAK-4202 is part of the 4200 Series Area of Rescue system. This can be expanded to multiple zones.

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  • Description:

    The CORNELL TAK-4202 or TAK-4208 is a fully programmable auto dialer and digital announcer, designed for message notification. The contact input can dial up to seven phone numbers and play a message up to one minute in length.

    Messages can be recorded locally or remotely with a message time of one minute. When configured as an alarm dialer, the T AK-4202 or TAK -4208 has call progress detection capability with normal and fast busy, call pickup, CPC, and ring-no-answer detection. programming can be done with a touch tone phone or using a PC with a serial port connection and supplied software.


    The Telephone Access Kit dials out to any phone line a prerecorded message when an unanswered call is placed from the Rescue Assistance Panel. The TAK-4202 has up to 2 outputs and the TAK-4208 has up to 8 outputs.


    Bracket is attached to device for mounting.

    Engineering Specifications:

    Contractor shall furnish and install the CORNELL TAK-4202 or TAK- 4203 Telephone Access Kit. Upon receipt of a contact closure from an alarm system, a telephone call is placed to a designated location notifying them of the alarm. Power is derived from 120V AC/12V DC 500mA adaptor that is included. An external phone line is required.

    Technical Information:

    • Power Requirements: 120V AC/12V DC 500mA adaptor
    • Operating Environment: 50-1200F Indoor Non-condensing
    • Dimensions: TAK-4202: 5.25" x 3.6" x 1.75' TAK-4208: 8.3' x 6.3" x 18'
    • Mounting: Bracket Attached to Device

    Cornell Area of Refuge Quote

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