Cornell L-102 Dome Corridor Lights - TWO Bulb 24 Volt DC

The Cornell L-102 is part of the 4000 Nurse Call System. This is a visual only UL1069 listed system. If you require voice consider the Cornell 7000
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  • The two-bulb, 24 volt DC Cornell L-102 Dome Corridor Lights are a helpful component of the Cornell Visual 4000 Nurse Call System, which is ideal for hospitals, assisted living facilities, and other medical buildings.

    The lights are available in one, two, three, four, or six lamps and optional silk-screened designations are also available. These Dome Corridor Lights can be made in 1-6 configurations with white or red domes. The color options include red, blue, yellow, amber, or green with additional filters.

    The Cornell L-102 Dome Corridor Lights feature dimensions of 4 ½”H x 2 ¾”W and include removable covers that make lamp replacement a breeze. These lights can be mounted on standard, single-gang or 4-gang boxes or plaster rings of at least 1 inch, depending on model.

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