Cornell 4201B/V Area of Rescue Call Stations 4200 Series


The Cornell 4201-B/V is part of the 4200 Series Area of Rescue system. This can be expanded to multiple zones.

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  • The Cornell 4201B/V Call Station is a component of the 4200 Cornell Area of Rescue System, which is ideal for healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. To place a call on the 4201B/V, simply press the LED button. The call is sent to the master panel, and the LED blinks to inform the patient that the call has been placed. When the call is received, the station opens up a voice communication to the master panel.

    The 4 ½ ”H x 4 ½ ”W  4201B/V can be flush mounted on a standard outlet box with a dual-gang plaster ring, and field wiring is provided by a pigtail connector. The power requirement for the 4201B/V is 24 VDC, and the ideal environment is between 50° and 120°F indoor. The Cornell 4201B/V requires a wiring minimum of 22 AWG and maximum of 16 AWG.

    Cornell Area of Refuge Quote

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