Houston, TX Nurse Call

Nurse Call Systems Available in Houston, TX

Houston TXWhen searching for your next nurse call system, come to BEC Integrated Solutions. We’ve led the industry for almost 20 years, and over 2,500 medical facilities in all 50 states and several foreign countries rely on the systems that we provide. Our nurse call systems are reliable, flexible and affordable and can be customized to meet your facility needs. Nurse call systems are easily installed and will enhance the efficiency and productivity of your staff. We have professional installers and dealers in the Houston, Texas area. Let us show you the wide array of features available for your next nurse call system.

Wireless Nurse Call

Our wireless nurse call systems are preprogrammed at no charge and we ensure that there are professional dealers and installers in the Houston, Texas area that are certified to help with the installation of your nurse call system. Each wireless nurse call system has free technical support and programming support for the life of the system and discounted project pricing is available. The wireless nurse call system offers pendant transmitters that can be used by patients to request for staff assistance if that patient falls or attempts to leave their assigned location. Notifications are sent via PC console or wireless, two-way radio, pager, email, LED reader board, phone calls or text messages depending on which you should choose. The wireless nurse call system also handles smoke detection, motion detection and mass energy notification. The options are customizable to meet the needs of your facility.

Cornell Nurse Call System

Cornell has a reputation of dependable products as they are one of the leading producers of nurse call systems in the world today. The Cornell nurse call system includes an annunciator panel identifying where a call came from by LED light or tone while call stations deliver quick and clear communication throughout your facility. The Cornell nurse call system is very user-friendly for your patients and staff and systems can be placed in each room or at a central meeting place for easy access. Each system features pull cords, corridor or zone lighting and duty stations to help with communicating emergencies throughout your facility.   

TekTone Nurse Call System

Each TekTone nurse call system ensures clear two-way communication between patients and staff. Your staff can communicate with patients without having to be in the room. We offer TekTone nurse call systems in the NC110, NC150, NC200 and Tek-CARE NC300 models. Each system is dependable and affordable and provides care reporting, master visual station, master stations installed on different company computers, communication to pagers, email and cellphones and fire and security alarm system integration. TekTone nurse call systems are easily installed and can be added using the current wiring and infrastructure of your facility.

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