Boston, MA Nurse Call

Nurse Call Systems Available in Boston, MA

At BEC, we offer a variety of nurse call systems to fit the needs of your facility. Our top quality brands include TekTone nurse call, Cornell nurse call, and wireless nurse call. Simply choose the nurse call system that fits your requirements, and we’ll do the rest. We even have professional installers and dealers located in Boston, MA, to assist you with the installation process and any questions you may have.

The nurse call system has become a necessary product for nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and many other healthcare facilities. Communication is key between patients and staff, and our nurse call systems are the perfect way to ensure that effective communication is delivered. We strive to offer the best option for what your medical facility needs. The following is a brief overview of what each brand has to offer:

TekTone nurse call NC305LCD master stationTekTone Nurse Call Systems

Depending on the need for your facility, TekTone offers a wide range of nurse call systems. From basic to more complex, the nurse call systems include the TekTone NC110, NC150-200, and NC300. As the simplest TekTone nurse call system, the TekTone NC110 is an audio system that utilizes three stages of lights and tones to communicate with the master station. The TekTone NC150-200 has both audio and visual capabilities, and patients can call the master station through the use of a two-way radio. Our Tek-Care NC300 is a more advanced nurse call system that also uses both audio and visual. Additional features include call prioritization, intercom abilities, staff location, and much more.

Cornell nurse call A-7050 desk console phoneCornell Nurse Call Systems

We offer the Cornell 4000 nurse call system and the Cornell 7000 nurse call system, as well as Aura 2.0 and VersaPage. The Cornell 4000 nurse call system is a visual system that utilizes tone and LED light to indicate where a call is made. The Cornell 4000 can incorporate duty stations, corridor or zone lights, push buttons, and call cords. The Cornell 7000 nurse call system is an audio system that allows the option of single or dual patient stations, corridor or zone lights, duty stations, and pull cords.

Wireless nurse callWireless Nurse Call Systems

From least advanced to most advanced, the Wireless nurse call systems we offer include the MV200, MV400, and PC based wireless nurse call. The MV200 wireless nurse call system sustains up to 48 wireless devices and will sound an alarm when the patient presses a call button. The MV400 wireless nurse call system sustains up to 250 transmitters. The PC based wireless nurse call system is compatible with almost any patient technology system, allowing the devices to be integrated into one call bell system.