Replacement Locking Call Cord, 4'

This mobile call unit is ideal for use in community spaces, hallways or other facility locations that do not have nurse call functions available. A 4' locking cord is attached to a compact unit that includes a sounder with two volume settings. Unit can be mounted on a stationary chair, wheelchair, set on a table, or at one's side.
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  • Replacement Locking Call Cord, 4'

    Patient communication is a vital part of any healthcare facility. At BEC Integrated Solutions, we provide the tools and call cords needed to be able to provide a reliable connection for patients to communicate with nurses and other medical staff. These call cord products are reliable and affordable and have been utilized by hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and a variety of other medical facilities all around the world.

    Replacement Locking Call Cord, 4' Features:

    • 4' cord
    • Controllable volume (2 settings)
    • 9 V battery (included)
    • FDA Listed