BEC WNC-WMP Wireless Wander Wrist Pendant Transmitter


BEC WNC-WMP Wireless Wander Wrist Pendant Transmitter

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  • BEC WNC-WMP Wireless Wander Wrist Pendant Transmitter

    The WNC-WMP is a multi-function wireless pendant that works as a "Wander Tag" and a "Push For Help Button" that allows residents to call for help when used this our Wireless Nurse Call System. This wireless pendant 900MHz spread spectrum, water resistant RF/RFID mini-transmitter with wrist attachment, push for help button, magnetic call cancel and dual color LED with alarm in red and reset in green. Weighing in at just eight tenths of an ounce, the WNC-WMP features a water resistant housing that protects the pendant when worn in the shower, bathtub, or other environments where the pendant may be submerged. It is not recommended for use by divers or in pools or spas where chlorine and other chemicals may shorten the life expectancy. It features easy single button activation and a raised bump for use at night or by the visually impaired. Calls are magnetically reset with the tool which provides a reset magnet on one end and battery door tool on the other end.

    Wireless Wander Management Pendant Features:

    • Reliable 900 MHz spread frequency transmission.
    • Two color LED for easy identification of alarm and reset.
    • Simple push button calling.
    • Magnetic “Re-set” for alarm cancellation.
    • Alarm signals are transmitted multiple times.
    • Fully supervised for operation and battery.

    Wireless Pendant Specifications:

    Dimensions w/wrist strap: Height: 10.5”

    Width: 1.54”

    Depth: 0.62”

    Weight: 1 oz

    Battery: 3.0V lithium CR2450

    Battery Life: 1-2 years (fully supervised)

    The Wander Management Pendant part number WNC-WMP shall be available. This 900MHz RF/RFID unit shall include a transmit button for push button calling, a red transmit LED indicator that blinks to show a call being placed and a green LED indicator that blinks to show “Re-set” when alarm is cancelled. A one second depression of the transmit button shall result in the alarm signal being transmitted multiple times and the red LED will blink. The unit shall be water resistant and include a plastic necklace chain and battery. It shall have a non-volatile memory and supervised for operation and battery voltage.

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