2100-P Emergency Pedestal Phone


Emergency Phone Optional Features

  • Discrete View Cameras
  • Two button speakerphone
  • Laser engraved face plates
  • Emergency button cover
  • Amber or red strobe
  • Custom Pantone color matching
  • INFO
  • 2100-P Emergency Pedestal Phone


    At 5'8" tall, Pedestal help phones assist guests who may be stranded, injured or need help. The freestanding Pedestal help phone has a blue beacon and strobe which is visible 360 degrees supporting a quick location.

    The Pedestal help phone is an excellent choice for walkways, parks, open landscape areas, college campuses, parking facilities, shopping malls, healthcare facilities and corporate campuses.

    Standard Construction Features

    • 5'8" x 10-3/4" W x 6"D
    • Calls up to 5 phone numbers
    • Remote or on-site programmable
    • Location message
    • Blue beacon/strobe
    • Recessed illuminated face plate
    • Call assurance LED
    • Blue strobe
    • White powder coating with blue lettering
    • 11 gauge steel
    • ADA compliant
    • 2 year warranty

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