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The MT Series Video Intercom System is our affordable security building access control solution for buildings with three tenant units. Properties with up to four entrances can benefit from the installation of this system. The three tenant video intercom system uses 2 conductor 18awg minimum cables for video, intercom and power. Up to four doors or gates can be securely guarded with the three tenant video intercom system. The MT Series Video Intercom System features the ability for tenants to visually identify those requesting entrance. Monitors can safely allow the right people to enter with the use of our three tenant video intercom system.

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3 tenant video intercom systemOur video intercom system monitors have many features that will meet your apartment building’s security needs. The three tenant video intercom system is capable of connecting up to three video monitors. The screen sizes span from 7 inches to 10 inches and have useful auto viewing capabilities available. Tenants have the ability to unlock doors via a button installed on the monitor. They also can control the volume and adjust the brightness from the monitor as well. Picture memory is a unique feature that some monitors have that saves the last 100 photos taken. These pictures are saved with time stamps and dates for future purposes.

Up to four camera door units can be connected to our MT Series Video Intercom System. The video door entry camera stations have three buttons, one for each tenant unit. These cameras have infrared night vision abilities in order to provide 24 hour surveillance. The three tenant video intercom system offers keyless entry solutions. 12 VDC electric strike locks can be wired to the door entry units without needing an extra source for power. Low-voltage LED lights can be wired into the three tenant video intercom system which will light up when a unit has been called. Properties that have a three tenant video intercom system installed can be assured that they are well secured.

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