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BEC Video Intercom System - New Install or Upgrade FAQ

At BEC Integrated Solutions, LLC we take pride in our line of Video Intercom Systems. From single tenant or single entrance commercial, to multi tenant or multi complex commercial, we have a system for your venue. Our goal is to provide as much information as possible to our customers while remaining just a phone call away to answer all of your system design or installation questions. Just call us at 888-556-3998!

Frequently Asked Questions - BEC Intercom Systems

General Intercom System Questions:

Q: How do I know which intercom system is right for my needs?

A: At BEC, we not only provide you with some of the best intercom systems available on the market, we also provide you with the tools to help you sift through all of our great intercom system options to find one that best matches your needs. Check out our lineup of excellent VIDEO intercom systems here to see which one will suit your venue best or visit our HOME intercom design assistant page here if this is the type of system you need.

When you find an intercom system that interests you, you can then use our new online quote tool to see specifics and find the exact needs it provides. You will find that our intercom systems are among the most affordable systems available on the market.

If you ever have any more questions about our intercoms, or need to contact a specialist for design assistance, our representatives are available at 888-556-3998, or scroll through our FAQ sheet to see if we’ve already answered your question. Thanks for choosing BEC Integrated, and happy shopping!

Q: How quickly does an intercom system ship once ordered? 

A: Each of our systems vary in shipping lead times. We strive to keep our shelves fully stocked so that we can fulfill each order as it is placed. If a system ordered is fully in stock, we strive to have your order in the mail within 24-48 business hours. For larger projects, please have your quote number ready and contact your sales representative for specific lead times at 888-556-3998.

Q: How do I make an exchange if I need to make a change with the intercom system I ordered?

A: If for any reason you need to exchange a component or an entire system, you may contact your sales representative and he or she will gather the information and send it to the shipping / exchange department. Restocking fees may be waived if only exchanging a product. Some items sold are special order and cannot be returned or exchanged. In order to exchange an item, it must be in brand new, uninstalled condition with the original packaging. Please check with your sales representative before your purchase if you have questions.

Q: How do returns and restocking fees work if I need to return an intercom system?

A: If for any reason you must completely return your intercom system, you may contact your sales representative and he or she will gather the information and send it to the shipping / returns department. You will be responsible for the return shipping fee and there is a 15% restocking fee for all returned orders. Returns must be made within 30 days of purchase for a refund and must be returned in brand new, uninstalled condition and still in its original, unmarked packaging. BEC does not accept returns after the 30 day grace period. The restocking fee for items returned will be 15% and we do not refund any shipping costs.

If the item is returned because it is not working properly, this will fall under a warranty issue and would not have to be an “uninstalled” product. Remember, you can always test your equipment before you complete installation. In rare situations BEC will evaluate returns on an individual basis for those individuals that are requesting a return after the 30 day period. In this case the restocking fee will be 25% and again we do not refund shipping costs.

Refunds may take 7 - 10 business days for processing. Some items sold are special order and cannot be returned. Please check with your sales representative before your purchase if you have questions. You can also read our full return policy here.

MT Series 2 Wires Video Intercom System

MT Series Before You Buy: Tips, Tricks & Helpful Hints (PDF)

MT Series Installation Manual & Programming Guide (PDF)

Q: What are the key features of the MT Series 2 Video Intercom System?

A: There are numerous features and options to consider when choosing a video intercom monitor for your facility. The two wire multi-tenant video intercom system is compatible with up to twelve video monitors. The screen size of the available color video monitors are 7 inches, and they also have auto viewing capabilities. When a resident/visitor/employee requests entry, the supervisor can grant or deny access using a button on the monitor from a safe, indoor location. Volume control and brightness adjustments can be made from the monitor as well. A useful feature on some of the special order monitors is picture memory. Those with picture memory can save up to 100 of the last visitor photos taken. The time-stamps and dates are saved along with these images as well for later reviewing.

Our two wire video intercom system offers lobby panels with a single button press to call the tenant or apartment unit. The entry door lobby panel comes with a one, two, three, four, eight, or 12 button panel depending on the number of regular attendees / tenant units. The cameras are equipped with infrared night vision capabilities as well. The entry door units have 12 VDC electric strike locks wired to them without the need for an additional power source. Also, low-voltage LED lights wire to the two wire multi-tenant video intercom system that will light up during a call.

Q: How large of a business can the MT Series 2 Video Intercom System protect? 

A: The MT Series can accommodate up to 12 indoor video monitors - the size of the business can be small or large depending on how many indoor monitors are required.

Q: What does the MT Series 2 Video Intercom System’s required “stranded, unshielded wiring” mean?

A: Imagine a block of cheese if you will-­ solid wire would be the block itself, but stranded would be that same block but shredded through a grater.

We recommend stranded wire as opposed to solid wire for a couple of reasons: solid wiring has one solid line of copper through the wire making it rigid, whereas stranded wire has many, very tiny copper wires twisted together inside the cable run. We use stranded for our systems (with the exception of CAT­5) because it allows for signal transfer over longer distances, and less of a chance there would be a nick in the solid wire, which could more easily cause a short.

Shielded wire has a sheath underneath the PVC insulation, typically aluminum, that is said to reduce radio or any other interference into the wire, but it can cause some quality issues on the video signals. It also depends on the building it is installed in and what is around it. The cost of the wire is lower without a shield.

Q: How easy is it to install the MT Series 2 Video Intercom System?

A: Once you receive the MT Series 2 Video intercom system, we also provide you with a comprehensive user manual, which includes a section on installation and set-up. We also provide installation and programming assistance for the life of the system! Just call us at 888-556-3998 and request technical support.

Q: How will I know that the MT Series 2 Video Intercom System has everything I need in an intercom system?

A: We at BEC have special, online quote tools, where you can fill out a form with the needs you have and you will sson have a full report of exactly what you need! Upon completing the following quote form, your fully customized and complete 2 Wire Video Intercom System kit will be provided. You may call us or place an order directly from the quote.

BE Series CAT5 Intercom System

CAT5 System Description

CAT5 System Wiring Diagrams

BEC Managament System (BE109) Manual

CAT5 Product Specifications

Q: What are the key features of the BE Series CAT5 Intercom System? 

A: Our BE Series CAT5/6 Video Intercom System features monitors ranging in size from 5" to 10" screens both with and without 100 picture memory and touchscreen buttons. Choose from sleek white or black models that surface mount on residential or commercial walls. This video intercom system offers two-way voice communication between door stations, guard stations and video monitors. The monitors include volume & brightness control, talk/listen, door unlock buttons and more. Our BE Series door camera stations are weather resistant and provide local programming with no extra software or browser based programming tools required.

Q: Are your outdoor monitors weather-rated? Which rating do they receive?

A: Yes, all of our CAT5 outdoor camera stations are weather-rated. They have an IP55 weather rating. We always advise that installers properly seal where the edges meet the flat surface in order to ensure that moisture does not reach the back of the station.

Q: Will an electrician who has no experience with your intercoms be able to install them easily?

A: Yes, many of our new customers are installers or electricians and often have no experience with our systems specifically. They have no trouble following the diagrams and installation instructions provided.

Q: Does the system require additional programming software?

A: Programming is all done on-site, meaning there is no software or computer connection required or even available for our BE Series video intercom system. New fobs, key cards and entry codes are added and removed at the door station using a master wand and monitors are assigned numbers using dip switches. All programming instructions are also included and we remain available throughout the installation process and even for tech support during the life of the system if you have more questions down the road.

NT Series IP Video Intercom System

Q: Is the IP Video Intercom System available for both commercial and residential spaces?

A: Yes! Not only can you use our modern, internet-ready IP video intercom system for your business, you can use an IP Video Intercom for your home or multi tenant apartment building as well. Route calls to cell phones, answer the door even if you’re miles away on vacation, and ensure the security of both your employees and your family with our IP-based Video Intercom System.

Q: What kind of communication does the IP Video Intercom System support?

A: Our IP Video Intercom System supports a wide variety of communication between devices. The IP Video Intercom supports SIP protocol, VOIP, PSTN and mobile/smart phone communication. This gives a broad base for any business or home to effectively employ our IP Video Intercom system, whether the need is in an apartment building, a healthcare facility or your own home.

Q: Can I use an IP Video Intercom just like any other internet tool?

A: Yes! Our IP-based Video Intercom supports tools for web browsing, answering calls whether home or away, and playing music right from the video intercom monitor.

Q: What sized building can an IP Video Intercom secure?

A: Our IP Video Intercom Systems is designed to offer up to 295 monitors per building. The capacity generously allows a wide range of needs, depending on the size of your business.