NT Series Digital IP Based Video Intercom System


NT Series IP Video Entry Single/Multi Tenant Intercom System

The NT Series IP Based Video Entry Intercom System by BEC Integrated Solutions is a feature rich product that is priced very well. All items are IP based and only a single CAT5/6 cable needs to be run to each IP video intercom monitor. This system has the ability to send intercom calls to smart phones. When a call is placed from any IP video door intercom, the monitor inside the unit will be called. If no one answer the intercom call then the call will forward to the mobile phones of choice. From the mobile phone, you will be able to see who is at the door. You can talk with this person and unlock the door from your phone. However, calls being forwarded to mobile phone is an option of this system but not a requirement. Main Features are, Video Intercom Calls to Mobile Phones, 7in and 10in Video Monitors Available, Monitors are Internet Ready so Apps can be added, Wireless Video Intercom Monitors are Available (these will require a power wire), IP Cameras and NVR's can be integrated with this system

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Enjoy the latest in building intercom innovation with our NT Series IP video entry system. Video entry provides an affordable solution to residential and commercial building security. Our IP video entry system provides video surveillance, access control, call forwarding and even offers home automation integration. Expand each IP video entry system to meet the needs of your residential or commercial property as our systems are priced to accommodate any budget!

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  • Video Intercom Calls to Mobile Phones
  • 7in and 10in Video Monitors Available
  • Monitors are Internet Ready. Apps can be added
  • Wireless Video Intercom Monitors are Available (these will require a power wire)
  • IP Cameras and NVRs can be integrated with this system

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