Telephone Entry Accessories

Linear Telephone Entry System Access Control Accessories

Linear telephone entry accessories

Linear’s commercial and residential telephone entry systems each benefit from the numerous optional access control accessories such as a color camera, a mounting trim ring, an extender kit and much more. Consider personalizing your telephone entry system with Linear’s accessories to maximize your access control security.

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With the ability to securely mount your commercial or residential telephone entry system to a wall or pedestal, access control system owners can rest knowing that their system is protected from tamper and theft. Linear’s telephone entry systems are designed to provide weather proof, durable access control panels that will withstand high usage and many years of service. Burial or curb gooseneck mounts are available if wall mounting is not what you desire.

The addition of a color CCTV camera with night viewing capabilities adds to the security features of your commercial or residential telephone entry system. Different camera options are available for each of Linear’s telephone entry system. Other telephone entry system accessories can be purchased to maximize your commercial or residential building security in no time.

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