Video Intercom BE-V5-7RV 7in Color Monitor 100 Picture Memory

Video Intercom BE-V5-7RV is part the BEC Villa Video Door Intercom System and this system requires 4 wires for video and intercom plus 2 for power.
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  • The BE-V5-7RV is our 7-inch indoor, wall mounted, color monitor with front of screen touch buttons. It also included TFT touch screen capabilities. With its scratchproof, vandal proof, modern construction, the BE-V5-7RV offers features such as two-way communication, full screen viewing, alarm, door unlocking abilities, card access and key fobs. Our BE-V5-7RV only requires one CAT-5 wire connection for complete functionality, and it includes picture memory giving the capacity to save the previous 100 pictures taken at entry locations. Weighing only two pounds, the BE-V5-7RV is 9.5 inches wide by 6.25 inches tall by one inch deep, housed in alloy material similar to a laptop exterior. Our systems support as many as 300 color monitors in order to accommodate large facilities. Apartments, condominiums, business offices, parking garages, schools & colleges, and assisted living facilities are only a few venues that benefit from our BE-V5-7RV color monitors.

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