Video Intercom BE-D5G Door Entry Lobby Panel with Camera Card Reader


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Video Intercom BE-D5G is part the BEC Building Video Door Intercom System and this system does require CAT5 cable

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  • Our gold brushed aluminum BE-D5G Door Entry Lobby Panel 1/3”Camera offers night vision functionality and card reader entry. The key fob and card reader function is included with the BE-D5G. With a digital LED display, our BE-D5G allows users to view the panel when no other lighting is available. The buttons include a backlight function for night viewing. Our BE-D5G is customizable to include an indicator light for the hearing impaired upon request. The 13.2 inch by 5.25 inch by two inch panel is wired using a CAT-5 cable and an 18/2 power cord. Our BE-D5G accommodates as many as 16 doors per system and up to 9,999 different users. The panel can be either surface or flush mounted depending on the facility. Apartments, condominiums, business offices, parking garages, schools & colleges, and assisted living facilities are only a few venues that benefit from our BE-D5G Door Entry Lobby Panel Camera.

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