2GIG / GoControl

2GIG GC3: Renaming a Z-Wave Device

2GIG GC3: How to Activate the Smart Area Feature

2GIG GC3: How to Enroll a Wireless Zone into a Smart Area

2GIG GC3: How to Add a User to a Smart Area

2GIG GC3: Smart Areas (How to Acknowledge Alerts)

2GIG GC3: Smart Areas (How to disarm/clear alarms)

2GIG GC3: Smart Areas (How to arm/disarm smart areas)

2GIG GC3: Adding a Secondary Code

2GIG GC3: Bypassing Zones

2GIG GC2: How to Arm in Away Mode

2GIG GC2: How to Arm in Stay Mode

2GIG GC2: Calibrating the Screen

2GIG GC2: Performing a Cell Unit Test

2GIG GC2: Changing the Master Code

2GIG GC2: Adjusting the Chime Settings

2GIG GC2: Accessing the Cleaning Screen

2GIG GC2: Creating Schedules

2GIG GC2: Adjusting Screen Brightness and Volume

2GIG GC2: Setting the Date and Time

2GIG Go!Control: How to Rename Z-wave Devices

Video Surveillance Part 1

Video Surveillance Part 2

Video Surveillance Part 3

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