Central Station Monitoring

Central Station MonitoringCentral Station Monitoring

Personal, Reliable, Fast Security Monitoring

BEC Integrated Solutions Central Station Monitoring Centers excels in Commercial Panic Button Systems and Healthcare Emergency Call Systems. Because we understand that every second counts, our team members are continuously trained to stay current on the latest developments in the central station monitoring industry.

Product & Facility Type

Prices Very Based on Size/Volume

wireless Push Button Systems

Using Our Wireless Emergency Call System

"If Central Station Monitoring is Required" we offer Very Low Costs with our Wireless Emergency Call Systems. Facilities spend as little as 3.00 per/mo or less for each user/resident (depending on size). Click Here to Request a Quote

As Low As  2.00 per/mo


Using the Libris Voice & GPS Device

Central Station Monitoring Is Required for this pendant and we offer Very Low Costs on our GPS, Voice units. Facilities spend as little as 22.00 per/mo or less for each user/resident. (Price depends on # of units needed) Click Here to Request a Quote

As Low As 22.00 per/mo


Using Your Own Equipment

If you would like pricing on Central Station Monitoring for a site that has equipment is already in place, we offer Very Low Costs. Facilities spend as little as 3.00 per/mo or less for each user/resident (depending on size). Click Here to Request a Quote

As Low As 2.00 per/mo


• In order to prevent tampering, the central alarm monitoring facility is located in a highly secured office that is uniquely constructed with an in-ground redundant communication service. 

• All of the certification requirements necessary to fulfill the UL listed alarm monitoring are held. Our service was one of the original companies to meet these certification requirements.

• Providing vendor support is an area that we highly prioritize. Our service works closely with vendors to help customize installations, as well as individualize any procedures that customers would like followed. There are no limits when it comes to security applications. 

• With a highly qualified staff, there is no shortage in responding and monitoring emergency situations. Within the SIA and state certified alarm central station system, our operators are managing multiple computer stations around the clock in order to prioritize your alarm emergency and to ensure that your emergency does not leave the screen until your emergency is fully resolved. 

• Live operators are available to accept calls around the clock. This service is well known for their higher operator to accounts ratio, and leading edge technology in which contribute to record timing residential and commercial response times.

• In order to ensure that our service provider is speaking to an authorized customer, the confidential passcode of each central station caller is verified. 

• To ensure user satisfaction, backup power supplies are always on hand for the UL listed central station, along with consistent testing of all receivers, telephone lines, and printers to verify they are running properly and always available. 

In order for our customers to have the most success with our service, it is ensured that security is the #1 focus. We want all residential and commercial customers to have successful business, knowing they will have quick and efficient responses to any emergency.


Central Station Monitoring Advanced Technology

This service has quick responses due to a totally digitized program, which includes a wide variety of backup systems and components to guarantee smooth service for every emergency. 

With the high level of electronic security located in a uniquely constructed office, It is guaranteed your success. A few of the security procedures that are set in place are: two emergency backup generators plus a battery backup, in-ground telephone lines to prevent tampering, two complete computer backup systems with all phone lines being tested, along with receivers and printers being tested every few hours to guarantee there are no malfunctions.

With over 100 years of combined security experience, our service’s software has become elite with its handling components and data entry.

Our service includes a fault-tolerant hot redundant system integration solution. 

With an included mirrored drive arrays, our system is fully supported with a complete standby facility. It also mirrors file systems over Ethernet or FDDI. A twisted set of fiber optic lines are used to get rid of terminator and cable length issues. It is not required that an MIS director or administrator is present for the switchover of a device to occur. There is also a graphical monitoring program included in each system. If a problem occurs, the mirrored system is mounted on the standby system.  

In order for your central station to operate normally, our system has the ability to disconnect from the network without disturbing work on the other system, which also allows diagnostics to be done.

To allow users to read any files within our system while operating the main system, we ensure that our system is restored to service, which means the system transfers the file system from standby to the primary in the background. Our customers can also use this in an existing SCO hardware environment, due to hot redundancy.  

The Storm Mode feature is a feature that can be easily activated during situations, such as, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, etc. This protects the system by automating and monitoring the central station activity throughout the event.