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Configured based on a client’s needs, Real-time Locating Systems (RTLS) or Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) an Asset Tracking Systems are ideal for a personal or equipment tracking system and real-time tracking. Location data—collected from wearable pendants or attached to assets with specialized brackets—is communicated by means of a wireless internet (WiFi) connection through reader devices or location transmitters strategically placed around and throughout the facility. Data can then be accessed by a number of ways including cloud-based application program interfaces (API), mobile apps, integrated CRM software, etc.

 Used in a range of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, smart warehouses, hospitality, and education, the Real-Time Location System manages a multitude of purposes including maximizing workflow efficiency, safety, wayfinding, inventory and Asset Tracking Systems

Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) Features

  •         Long-lasting battery life
  •         Quick and Easy Setup
  •         Actionable Alerts via Smart Phone or Email
  •         WiFi Tracking & Asset Tags
  •         Wearable pendants for Real Time Tracking
  •         Also available with a special bracket for asset tagging
  •         Includes a programmable duress-button for real-time notification including emergencies, staff/employee needs or asset management
  •         Tracking and monitoring available with preprogrammed reader devices installed throughout your facility for full coverage
  •         Entrance and Exit notifications for real-time notifications
  •         Inventory tracking
  •         Geofencing and safe area protections including designated area or floor coverage initiated when a person or asset enters triggering smart rules that automatically perform actions based on user profiles
  •         Sensor Maps (View on floor plans of your facility)
  •         Temperature Logging
  •         Remote Monitoring
  •         Secure Connection
  •         Long or Short-term use
  •         Use as a standalone or connect to multiple tethered reader devices     

Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) / Asset Tracking Systems Software Overview

The Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) Software Web Interface manages and oversees data, sensors, Asset Tags and elements and controls each and every reader device. Handling up to ten sensors and ten thousand elements, the RTLS Software Web Interface allows for a real-time user-friendly monitoring system that incorporates an intuitive autonomous rule engine that functions 24/7.  

Based on data collecting software algorithms and directional antennas, signals and data are captured and collected then processed and analyzed in an easy to use web-based position engine interface to present actual location data. Including configuration, maps, and zone monitoring plans, report and statistics generator tools, alarms and rules triggering communications, the Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) Software is an easy convenient bonus to an uncomplicated system.

 Real Time Locating System & Asset Tracking Systems Provides: 

  •        Adjustable dashboard
  •        Sensors per sector with Real Time Tracking
  •        Reader Device status
  •        Sensor raw data
  •        World-map - Active RFID/UHF/GNSS Real-Time Location Tracking that pinpoint devices Location
  •        Active/Passive RFID Real-Time Location Tracking that pinpoints devices on a multi facilities/floors map file loaded to your server with Real-time data collected from the elements, element status, and sensors data
  •        Powerful configurable reports & Statistics generation tools
  •        Filtered by site/user permission and user profiles
  •        Configure devices – activate the external device via relay or command

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