eMerge Elite-36 (Up To 36 Doors)

Linear eMerge Elite 36 or 64 Door Access Control

Linear eMerge Elite Browser-Based 36 Door Access Control System

Linear’s eMerge Elite-36 access control platform offers up to 36 door access control with the option to upgrade to an eMerge Elite-64 door system with an additional License-to-Go Card. Any commercial facility including business offices, factories, apartment buildings and more can operate smoothly with a secured entry using an eMerge Elite-36 or Elite-64 access control system. Our 36 and 63 eMerge Elite systems offer 20,000 cardholder access with up to 80,000 access card compatibility. Choose to install as many as eight card readers outside the main entry doors to allow access to users upon scanning a compatible access key card. Instantly eliminate unauthorized user access using Linear’s eMerge Elite access control platform.

Linear eMerge Elite-36 Thirty-six Door Product Bundle Features

We offer eMerge Elite-36 product bundles that are complete with a four door system platform, four proximity readers, and numerous features that accompany the system. Linear’s access control kits offer everything needed to operate under daily door entry security. Depending on your choice of system, the eMerge Elite-36 platform is encased in wither a metal case that locks for complete protection, or a solid plastic case; both choices includes a tamper switch. Unauthorized users are unable to enter without proper access credentials, allowing employees or residents to remain secure within their facility.

Linear's eMerge Elite-36 System Options & Accessories

License-to-Go Cards for system upgrades, power supply cords, proximity readers, expansion cards, elevator access control nodes and other accessories such as access cards, keyfobs and exit buttons are available to complete your eMerge Elite access control system. Choose to purchase as many as 80,000 cards to pair with your platform and assign to employees or residents for secure entry. Replacement power cords are available in order to ensure your system will remain functional if a cord is damaged. Linear’s eMerge Elite system provides high quality security with a large variety of options and accessories.

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