e3 OneBox (Video + Access)

Linear e3 OneBox Video Access Control 1-4 Door Security System

Linear Digital Watchdog e3 OneBox Browser Based Access Control The e3 OneBox Video and Access Control System joins Linear’s IP-based access control platform with Digital Watchdog’s innovative DW-VMAX digital video recording capacity into one encased unit. With its intelligent hybrid technology of video and access control capabilities, the e3 OneBbox provides users with reliable video tagging accompanied by essential access management. Both access control and video supervision can be handled from one location, eliminating the need to install two separate security systems. The number one benefit of installing Linear’s e3 OneBox is the integrated design of providing both activity logging and video playback interface all in one combined security system.

Linear's e3 OneBox Video and Access Control Benefits

Choosing Linear’s e3 OneBox allows both commercial and residential properties to be inconspicuously secured with its easy-to-wire in one place installation. Simply wall-mount the e3 OneBox in the main entry location and allow both access control and video tagging to begin. With video integration, a complete set of remote software products are included to ensure complete vision of all video recordings. Video is recorded in real-time in order to view all activities during the day if necessary. Video recordings can then be exported for future viewing for certain situations. Events are also tagged for future viewing and retrieval purposes. With access control capabilities, Linear’s e3 OneBox provides up to four doors of access security. Upgrade licenses are available if a more advanced security system is required. Access logs and DVR can be accessed through one login and all in one location. The e3 OneBox is securely enclosed in a steel case and includes battery backup power.

Linear e3  OneBox Full System Packages & Kits

We offer complete e3 OneBox system packages that include all components needed to secure your one to four door access facility. Each e3 OneBox system includes a free Linear analog 4” dome camera to complete your video recording needs. Our advanced e3 OneBox bundle systems also include one to four readers to include on the user accessible doorways. With the ability to support 1,000 to 8,000 cards, and upgradeable to 64 doors and 128 readers, our e3 OneBox system packages ensure secure access control to even the largest facilities. Install cameras at each entrance to maximize your entry security control today. For more information on our e3 OneBox access control and video systems, contact us today.

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