Linear Security System Accessories: Batteries, Antenna, Power, Keypads

Linear’s Security Systems are reliable and affordable necessities for nearly any home, apartment, or business owner. Each property owner has the freedom to choose from any of our numerous transmitters and receivers in order to piece together the perfect fit to meet your security needs. Each transmitter is battery powered and we offer the correct batteries needed to power your sensors from one year to as many as five years. 1616, 2016, 2032, and 2450 3-Volt replacement batteries are available to provide reliable power to your security sensors and transmitters. We also offer 12-Volt miniature alkaline batteries in packs of 50 as well as 12-Volt rechargeable gel-cell batteries, both of which are needed for different Linear security product functionality.

Linear security system accessoriesVarious Linear receivers require an antenna for seamless functionality. Consider installing a 7-inch rubber duck antenna or a 3-foot whip antenna for a larger signal radius. Our external antenna offers radio signal range for Linear's DVS-1200, DVS-2400, and DUAL-824 systems. If multiple antennas are needed, consider our 10-pack of whip wire antennas. A remote speaker and microphone kit can be added to your security system along with the 2-way audio command module to provide two-way voice communication features to any of Linear’s security solutions. With many accessories and products to choose from, we offer our product knowledge to help build a security system to meet your security needs. Contact as today for more information regarding our Linear security systems and accessories.