Security Sensors & Add-Ons

Linear Wireless Fully Supervised Add-on Security Sensors Transmitters

Linear specializes in a wide variety of security sensors / transmitters to add your existing security system. Door/window transmitters, key fob transmitters, glass break sensors, and motion detectors are only a few add-on security sensors that Linear offers to enhance residential or commercial security. Each transmitter offers a different area and level of security. Mix and match our add-on security transmitters and build your own system that is designed to meet your security needs. Each of our Linear transmitters are entirely wireless and battery powered in order to avoid the hassle of installing mazes of wires throughout your residence. Consider researching each of our add-on security sensors in order to find the right products to enhance your security system.

Linear add-on sensors and transmittersOur Linear security system transmitters are compatible with Interlogix brand Simon, NX, and Concord Series systems. They are designed to transmit signals ranging from distances of 15 feet to as many as 500 feet in order to accommodate larger facilities. Our security systems offer protection for all types and sizes of venues. Home residences, business offices, restaurants, department stores and more can each rest assured that their private property will not be tampered with during the day or night. Linear’s add-on transmitters are battery powered and have the ability to send battery status signals in order to maintain 24 hour protection without risking the down time when batteries lose their energy. We strive to offer only the most reliable security systems and transmitters in order to eliminate any possible theft or vandal for our customers.