SD Standard Digital Wireless

Linear SD Format Standard Digital Wireless Transmitter & Receiver

We offer a varied selection of SD Format wireless transmitters and receivers that will secure any type of venue or property. Our Linear security systems are complete and easy to install, use and maintain for maximum security. Receivers ranging from one to eight channels are available in SD Format in order to accommodate the security needs of facilities of virtually any size. Choose from any of our Form “C” relay output receivers with code capacities ranging from 64 to as many as 256. Regular SD Format receivers, latching receivers and alternating relay receivers each offer different receiving features designed to accommodate your security needs. Each one of our SD Format Receivers connects with Linear’s SD Format transmitters to provide multipurpose security. Choosing to install multi-channel receivers for larger facilities helps lower installation costs and removes RF interference issues that are usually caused by installing more than one receiver within a given range. Numerous options are available with Linear’s SD Formatted line of digital, wireless receivers.

linear SD format wireless transmitter receiverTo accompany the SD Format wireless receivers, Linear also offers a wide variety of SD Format transmitters as well. Handheld transmitters, door/window transmitters, wall mountable, lockout, and pendant, and bill trap transmitters are all available in the SD Format. Most of our SD transmitters feature an LED operating and battery status light for seamless operation. We even offer a water-resistant emergency portable transmitter that can be used in moist locations. For your security needs, consider a one button, two button or four button transmitter; each button can be programmed with a different function depending on the level of emergency. All of our SD Format Transmitters are easy to operate and install for quick and simple, everyday use.