XR & XT Extended Range Wireless

Linear Xtended Range Digital Wireless Transmitters & Receivers

Linear’s line of Xtended Range wireless transmitters and receivers offer mid-range signals of up to 10 miles with the XT-1 and XT-4 and signals of up to two miles with handheld devices (line-of-sight). Larger properties can be securely protected using our Xtended Range line of security products because of their ability to communicate over long distances. We offer 1-channel, 4-channel and 16-channel Xtended Range receivers that each require an antenna (not included) for transmitter communication. Our one and four channel receivers are each encased in a weather resistant metal enclosure. More than 64,000 codes can be programmed into each of our Xtended Range receivers to provide uninterrupted communication with each paired transmitter. RF supervision is offered as an optional feature to these wireless receivers. Our Xtended Range receivers can communicate low battery signals from connected transmitters in order to avoid potential device failure due to battery drainage. Numerous features and options are included with Linear’s Xtended Range line of digital, wireless receivers.

xtended range transmitters & receivers linearWe offer two choices of wireless transmitters that are designed to communicate with Linear’s Xtended Range receivers. Choose from our stationary, one or four channel transmitters, or our handheld one, two or four channel transmitters. Each transmitter offers a different functionality depending on your security needs. Our stationary transmitters have full supervision capabilities whereas our handheld transmitters offer low battery supervision. For shorter distance security needs, our handheld transmitters offer up to two miles of line-of-sight range whereas our stationary transmitters have the ability to send signals up to ten miles within line-of sight. All of our Xtended Range transmitters are easy to operate and install for quick and reliable, everyday use.