Linear Max 3 Systems

Linear PC-Based Secured Series Access Control

Linear PC-Based Access Control Systems Secured Series

Linear’s Max 3 Systems are software managed, pc-based security systems designed for facilities requiring access control security. Prepackaged, complete system kits are available offering everything needed to secure your building with a Max 3 System. Single door applications are offered in our prepackaged kits, including a Max 3 control module, the connections needed to add three extra control modules, a proximity reader to mount outside of the entry door, Hub Manager® Professional software, and the power supply necessities. Everything is included in these Max 3 System kits in order to have your facility securely protected with one easy purchase. The necessary components for adding additional doors are available separately. Linear’s Max 3 Systems are designed to expand as your facility grows.

Each HubMax II access control system supports up to 2,000 users per door and a maximum of 1500 transactions. The network is designed to support 32 doors per location. Expanding your access control security system can be simple and affordable by choosing to upgrade one door at a time. Funnel your employees or residents into one main entrance until you feel that it is the right time to upgrade more doorways allowing secure access control by installing additional HubMax II modules. Access control devices are available that allow up to 500 users per door, or choose to upgrade to those allowing 2,000 per entrance. Both large and small facilities can enjoy daily access control security to keep unauthorized users from entering.

A variety of access control accessories are available to accompany Linear’s Max 3 Systems. IEI network converters, remote management of applications software, USB to serial converters, hand-held data transfer devices and much more offer the support needed to operate a Max 3 System at nearly any location. Purchase the Hub Manager Professional Software that allows all the security controls of the entire system to be integrated into one computer. Linear’s access control systems are reliable, affordable, and available to all types of facilities for total access control security.

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