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Wireless Hotel Panic Button Alarm Systems for All Venues

Protect Hotel Staff, Housekeepers, and Guests with a Hotel Wireless Panic Button Alarm System. An essential security notification and communication system that is effortless, affordable, and easily accessible, the Wireless Hotel Panic Button Alarm System is as simple as a push of a button.

Due to many newly legislated city and state laws, Hotel Panic Buttons are requirements in maintaining the safety and security of Hotel Housekeepers and Hotel Staff. The Wireless Hotel Panic Button Alarm System is designed to keep staff and guests safe from assault while also providing an easy access point to contact security in case of other emergencies.

There are no monthly or annual per room or device subscription fees. The System operates completely independent from your wireless network and will continue to do so if your network goes down.

NO Monthly or Annual "Per Rooms or Device" Fees of Any Kind! Our system Will Save You Thousands!

Hotel Panic Button Systems Master Console options

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Our Hotel Panic Button Systems Master Console options offer seamless integration and nearly unlimited expansion. An all-in-one security system, this system communicates with all the surrounding components to help convey emergency communications while tracking and monitoring onsite personnel. Operating with speed and efficiency, our Hotel Panic Button Master Console has a proven reliable standing in the industry ensuring enhanced security at your hotel.

Hotel Duress Alarm Push Button Station

Per Rooms or Device    

The Hotel Duress Alarm Push Button Stations provide an effective quick way to alert personnel of an emergency. While providing a secure connection and communication system with security and emergency personnel, these Hotel Duress Alarm Push Button Stations can be installed anywhere in your facility affording quick and easy access while also granting your staff and guests a level of safety knowing help is simply a button away.

Hotel Panic Alarm Neck Pendants for Housekeepers

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Mobile security is now quick, easy, and accessible with our Hotel Panic Alarm Neck Pendants for Housekeepers. These Pendants provide your staff with the freedom of movement within your facility along with the accessibility of security with the simple press of a button in case of emergencies. With this extra level of protection, your staff can activate the Hotel Panic Alarm Neck Pendants for Housekeepers alerting emergency services and ensuring a prompt response.

Other popular hotels wireless panic alarm components

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Additional components of our Hotel Wireless Panic Button Alarm systems include vandal-resistant stations, paging equipment, push-button alarms or a wide array of devices that can help provide supplementary security for your system and facility. Our WNC-SB Panic Button System for Hotel Housekeepers & Staff is a durable security solution allowing your staff to activate emergency responses in a more efficient way. Our Wireless Vandal Resistant Station can provide an instant emergency signal to security personnel. We also offer a line of pagers and other panic alarm system equipment that can help enhance the overall effectiveness of your wireless duress system.

Endless Wireless Hotel Coverage with Repeaters

Hotel Wireless Panic Alarm    

Our Hotel Wireless Panic Button Alarm System Repeaters supply limitless areas of coverage to your property. Whether your hotel or resort has a dozen rooms or hundreds in single or multiple areas, each signal repeater can increase wireless coverage up to 85 feet. Multiple repeaters can be paired together to provide complete indoor and outdoor coverage throughout any facility or area on your property. The more repeaters you have, the more coverage you can expect. Having these protocols in place will strengthen the signal of your Hotel Wireless Panic Button Alarm System and provide secure coverage to all corners of your property ensuring the safety of staff and guests.

Benefits of Choosing BEC’s Hotel Wireless Duress Alarm System

  • Systems are preprogrammed at no charge
  • Discounted project pricing is available
  • Free tech & programming support for the life of the system
  • Professional installation in most areas


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Built with the latest security innovation, our systems provide for quick and direct communication access. Dedicated to our customers with installations across the world in hotels, motels, courtrooms, malls, hospitals, assisted living facilities, schools, businesses, and a host of commercial and residential locations, our Hotel Wireless Panic Button Alarm System options are designed specifically for you and your needs.

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900Mhz RF Wireless Hotel Panic Button

       (Does NOT Require use of your WiFi Network)

WiFi Wireless Hotel Panic Button

(Lower Cost and DOES use your Hotels WiFi)


Wireless Hotel Panic Button