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At BEC Integrated Solutions we offer choices of full or partial replacement intercom systems to upgrade your existing intercom system. Whether you desire replacing your system with the same (or similar), or you prefer to consider something with more features and capabilities, we have numerous options available. Our systems can be installed using the same wiring from your previous system as long as each intercom was wired directly to the master intercom station. Upgrade your system with your choice of voice only, video, music, or Bluetooth-enabled intercom to increase security or to simply aid in communication within your home or venue.

Learn About Your Replacement Intercom System Options

If your existing home intercom system is giving you problems, it may be time to upgrade your system. Of course, a replacement intercom can bring a lot of questions with it. But before you start tearing wires out of the walls, let’s talk about replacing an existing intercom system. First, wiring is an important aspect to consider in this upgrade. We offer a few retrofit intercom systems, meaning that these systems will replace your existing three, four, six seven or eight wire configurations. These upgrades for your home intercom system even come with custom sized adapter plates to prevent you from having patch old holes in the wall.

Having said that, there are replacements that need to be made when upgrading your intercom system. 

That’s where we come in. If you plan on your old or out-dated system, look no further than the elite line of intercom systems offered through BEC Integrated Solutions. We offer several upgrade intercom systems that can replace existing Nutone, Broan, AudioTech and M&S Intercom Systems.

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RETRO-M Replacement Intercom System by IntraSonic

NOTE: When Upgrading ALL systems need to be replaced in its entirety, including the master intercom station, room intercom stations, patio intercom stations, door intercoms

Turn your home or office into an entertainment oasis with this replacement intercom system. As our leading upgrade solution, the RETRO-M intercom system allows you to stream music through multiple input sources throughout your residence. Communication is clear and

IntraSonic RETRO-M Replacement Intercom System

direct throughout the system and is an ideal replacement for in-wall home intercom systems.

The IST RETRO-M can support up to 13 zones for a customized system of 10 room stations, 1 patio station and 2 door stations, for example. The system is compatible with three, four, six, seven or eight wire configurations. This replace intercom system also comes with 10 AM/FM presets and a USB port to charge your device. Bluetooth options are also available, allowing you to go wireless and stream your favorite tunes and audio content. FREE Online Quote


NOTE: To talk with a systems designer and receive an estimate you will need to complete the "Get An Auto Quote"


Front Door Smartphone Video Camera

*Available Now In Black & White “RETRO” Version for All Old Nutone and M&S Intercom RETRO-M Intercom