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Channel Vision IR Repeater

Remote control IR Repeater System’s by Channel Vision’s professional series product line offer a solution for virtually every IR remote control repeater application you can think to offer. Channel Vision’s line of IR Repeater Systems provide single and multi-room applications of control over existing TV coax or CAT5 cable. Enjoy controlling up to 8 devices with ease using our global IR Repeater systems. Channel Vision’s line of IR Repeater solutions offer true plasma, LCD, and sunlight proof products with the new series of Uverse ready IR repeater products for perfect control of your audio and video entertainment system.

IR Repeater

Gone are the days of stray wiring or cables from your entertainment system. We offer a line of Channel Vision products for your IR Repeater System. This system can control up to eight devices, giving you complete control of your entertainment system. No more bending over backwards trying to point the remote in just the right spot. Simply point the remote at the receiver and enjoy!

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Channel Vision IR Repeater System

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CAT5 Cable IR Repeater

CAT5 IR Repeater

Our IR Repeater System is wired with CAT5 cabling, ensuring that your system will be dependable. Multi-room control is also available with our IR Repeater System. Whether you own an LCD, LED or plasma TV, our IR Repeater System can integrate with each type to give you perfect control of your audio and video systems.

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Channel Vision IR Repeater Kits

Channel Vision also offers all-in-one kits which allow you to place your AV devices behind closed cabinet or closet doors and still have complete control of your system. The IR Repeater transmits the signal through a receiver head which can be placed at an inconspicuous location.

We also offer IR repeater kits that are Uverse compatible. This device can integrate with Motorola, Scientific Atlanta, Cisco and other manufactures with precise IR repeating. Simply plug into your AV system and have complete control with ease.

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IR Repeater Kit

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Channel Vision

Channel Vision - Entertainment Made Easy

Channel Vision’s line of IR Repeater Systems are taking the entertainment experience to a whole new level. These products are easy to install, reliable and will bring a new enjoyment to your entertainment experience. Contact us today to learn more about Channel Vision IR Repeater.

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