Cornell 4200 Series Rescue Assistance System

Cornell 4200 Series Area of Rescue Assistance Emergency System

The Cornell 4200 Series Rescue Assistance System is a popular choice of product in the security industry. The Cornell 4200 offers voice communication through call stations placed within a facility. The process of communicating using these stations requires only pressing the call station button which sends voice calls to the annunciator panel or even to a public telephone. The person placing the call will be notified that a message has been received by a pulse tone and a flashing light. No more action is needed other than to wait for a response from staff.

The Cornell 4200 Series is dependable and adaptable to meet any facility’s needs. Public facilities, colleges, multiple-floor buildings, and parking garages are only a few locations where the Cornell 4200 Series Audio Rescue Assistance System can be used to supply emergency protection through this enhanced communication system. The Cornell 4200 Series’ elements are made to withstand heavy usage. They are made with long-lasting switches and speakers as well as stainless steel plates. Optional tamper-proof screws can be purchased to avoid theft from public areas. Up to 44 separate communication panels can be placed around the parameters of a facility.

The Cornell 4200 Series assures safety to numerous types of facilities. The user-friendly interface gives its users a sense of security and ease during an emergency situation. The Cornell 4200 Series provides facilities with a necessary means of voice communication to clearly convey the imminent situation. Contact BEC Integrated Solutions to inquire about the Cornell 4200 Series Audio Rescue Assistance System, and also ask about the Cornell 4800 Digital Area of Rescue and Refuge Assistance System.

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