Rath IP Area of Rescue

Rath IP Emergency Communication System

Rath IP Area of Rescue

Rath IP Emergency Call Systems Key Features:

  • Ideal for single or multiple phone installs when you require internal communication with the Area of Refuge Call Boxes. Can be installed in a new construction project or if the building owner has upgraded their phone system to VoIP.
  • The system can either be set up as a stand-alone intercom system without the need for a phone line or for calling offsite through an analog, digital, or SIP phone system utilizing our 2100-VoIP2CS Interface Device.
  • The 2100-VoIP2CS Interface Device is easy to install either in the Fire Command Center or a data closet. They are simple to configure (require a laptop) to your customer’s IP system.
  • VoIP Interface is powered by 120vac
  • Connect the Area of Refuge IP Call Boxes to the Base Station with an Ethernet system
  • If the system is required to call offsite the Base Station connects to our 2100-VoIP2CS Interface Device via a standard RJ11 jack. The 2100-VoIP2CS connects to the SIP phone system via a standard RJ45 jack. There is a maximum wire run of 300’ between the 2100-VoIP2CS Interface Device and the Network Switch.


Emergency Two-Way Communication Systems Have Three Main Components: (Must Include Battery Backed Up Power)

1. Base Station:
  • Central control point where the Call Boxes will call for emergency assistance. Also provides off-site Two-Way Communication if the Base Station is not manned 24/7.

2. Call Boxes:
  • Hands-free, Two-Way Emergency Communication devices located on each floor above and below the story of exit discharge.

3. Signage:
  • Instructions on the use of the area and directions on the use of the Two-Way Communication System (#7049SS).
  • Tactile signage located at the entrance to each area (#7087 or #7044).
  • Where exit sign illumination is required, signs shall be illuminated (#7050E/7050 or #7041E/7041).