Rath 1 - 10 Call Box

When it comes to emergency situations, proper Area of Refuge Systems are needed to ensure help can be called as soon as possible. Rath Communications' Area of Refuge systems provides a reliable connection for individuals to call for help and await instructions from security or first responders. We offer several options for your facility. In fact, our Rath Area of Refuge systems has benefited colleges, businesses, parking garages, stairwells, and a variety of other residential and commercial settings.

Our Area of Refuge phone system has 1-10 call boxes for coverage of small to medium sized-facilities. These 5 & 10 base stations help to provide locations where calls can be made in a medical, fire, or safety situation.

Area of Refuge Call Boxes

Our Rath Area of Refuge call boxes come in a variety of designs that are noticeable and easy to spot. These call boxes come in surface or flush mount designs for easier installation based on the needs of your facility. Our systems are compliant with all IBC, NFPA, and ADAAG code regulations.

Rath call boxes feature on-site programming, built-in battery backup allowing for a minimum of 4 hours of talk time as well as a strobe interface and relay. With rugged stainless steel construction, your call box will be a reliable asset to your Rath Area of Refuge system.

Area of Refuge Command Center

Coordinate and control in-building rescue in the event of an emergency with our Rath command center. Up to 5 call boxes can be on the same telephone line while the station is also equipped with audible and visual signaling so you can tell exactly which location the call is coming from. The Rath command center also includes built-in battery backup and a relay contact that trips if any call box has been activated.

Area of Refuge Power Supply

Install up to five phones per outlet in our Rath power supply units. Internal surge protection is included as well as individual LED power indication and 4 Amp (100VA) supply current.

Area of Refuge Signage

Proper signage is an essential component of our Rath Area of Refuge system. These signs come in a variety of options and are compliant with international and national building codes and all ADA regulations.

Area of Refuge Cable

Connect your systems with our dependable Rath Communications cabling. Power and communication cables are built to last and will provide a reliable connection throughout your Rath Area of Refuge system.