Wiegand Proximity Readers

Linear’s Wiegand Proximity Readers Standalone Access Control

Linear Proximity Readers are an important piece of the Linear Standalone Access Control System. The Access Control System protects private property and businesses by only allowing access to authorized personnel. Linear’s Proximity Readers provide a quick and easy entrance for only the correct personnel through the use of key fobs and access cards. Some of Linear’s Proximity Readers even include a built-in keypad, offering the additional option of submitting an access code for entry. Linear’s Proximity Readers are an important part of providing safety to your personal property and businesses. Linear’s Proximity Readers are specifically designed to be installed underneath window frames or door frames, providing easy access for the correct personnel. With the assistance of our quality proximity readers, vandals will not be able to enter your personal property.

Linear’s Proximity Readers: Variety & Options

Linear's Wiegand Proximity Reader Standalone Access ControlOur selection of proximity readers includes a wide variety of characteristics, each reader guaranteeing top-notch quality. Linear’s Proximity Readers come in the colours black, grey, or dark grey. Some of the selections can read the cards from 6 to 8 inches away without even touching the cards. The necessary connection cable is included with some of Linear’s Proximity Readers. We have the right selection of Linear’s Proximity Readers to cover your needs, whether you wish to install the systems indoors or outdoor. The outdoor readers are weatherproof, allowing you to rest easy about the safety of your property even during the harshest weather conditions.

In order to protect the internal electronics, some of Linear’s Proximity Readers have tamper-resistant epoxy potting. As well, a variety of Linear’s Proximity Readers include an outer covering to protect the core. One specific proximity reader allows for two different mounting options, either as a single-gang electric or a mullion mount reader, while another reader includes a free glass mounting kit. A few of Linear’s Proximity Readers are compatible with AWID and HID 125 kHz proximity card formats. Browse our wide selection of Linear’s Proximity Readers today, and take the next step toward creating a safe living environment.

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